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‘Learning about the science of the human mind during pregnancy & beyond’

Who can contribute?

Everyone from the entire community from all over the world and all walks of life is welcome to contribute to IFWIP.

You do not have to be a healthcare professional or pregnant or have experience of mental health condition/s to contribute your thoughts and views.

You also do not have to be a part of government organisation. You can participate even if you are self-employed or part of a Charity/ Non-government Organisation (NGO).

The Initiative is to reach out to every single pregnant mother, partner, and the family to inform them about the importance of mental wellbeing during the pregnancy and beyond. This would encourage them to adopt practices which could help in coping with stress better, reduce the incidence of severe mental health illnesses and ensure early recovery. This would also provide resources for more information and support.

How can you contribute? 

  • Be an IFWIP champion: just learn and advocate in your own way/ capacity about the importance of mental health and wellbeing during pregnancy. It entirely depends on whichever way you prefer: for eg. you can post/ discuss on the social media, discuss with your friends/ colleagues/ contacts, create local IFWIP groups, etc. However please note that your participation is purely voluntary and you are responsible for the information you share. Training pathways would be developed in due course for the IFWIP Champions who would like to actively participate in the community awareness programmes.

  • Help as a volunteer in the following:

               – Developing written resources on the IFWIP website

               – Developing Infographics, short films/ videos

              – Maintaining the website/ provide technical knowledge and support

              – Help as a Forum Moderator

  • Organise IFWIP Community Events/ Webinars to raise awareness

  • Write a guest blog: on your personal experience or an experience you have witnessed in someone else.

  • Participate in the Forum: Click here to access the Forum page. The language of the post/s should be English.

How can the Organisations help, contribute and support?

IFWIP team would like to work in partnership with different organisations all over the world to develop projects. For further information, please email the team:

You can get in touch with IFWIP Team:

  • Email:

  • Fill the form and we would get back to you:


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