Perinatal Mental Health: External links

Following are some External links related to the information on Perinatal mental health/ Maternal Mental Health conditions:

Pre-pregnancy advice:

1. Planning a pregnancy: advice for women with mental health problems: Click here

2. Planning pregnancy: a guide for women with high risk of Postpartum Psychosis: Click here

3. NICE Clinical guidance: information for the public: Click here

Different mental health conditions during pregnancy: 

1. My story of mental health and wellbeing through pregnancy: Cnmh Cepn video  

2. Mental Health in Pregnancy (Royal College of Psychiatry, UK): Click here 

3. Mental Health Problems and Pregnancy (NHS Choices, UK): Click here

4. Mental health in Pregnancy and a year after birth (NICE, UK): Click here

5. Mental health before, during and after pregnancy (Tommy’s. UK): Click here

6. Depression in pregnancy (NCT, UK): Click here

8. Bipolar disorder, pregnancy, and childbirth (Bipolar UK): Click here

9. Perinatal Obsessive Compulsive Disorder: Click here

10. Beyond Depression: Anxiety, Psychosis and Other Mental Disorders of Pregnancy and Postpartum: Click here

11. Eating disorders in pregnancy: Animation: Click here

12. Top 10 Tips for mums: Perinatal Mental Health: BBC 5 Live/ MMHA

Use of psychotropic medications in pregnancy:

1. Psychotropic medication in perinatal period: Click here and here

2. Models for Decisions Regarding Treatment of Depression During Pregnancy: Talk by Prof Louise Howard

Parent-child relationship:

1. Introducing parents to the attachment theory (NCT, UK): Click here

2. Infant mental health (TavistockRelationship): Click here

3. Children in care: Looking after infant mental health (NSPCC): Click here

4. Building secure attachment & Infant mental health (GPIFN): Click here

5. First Love: Do Early parent-infant interaction shape our future? Talk by Prof Paul Ramchandani

Fathers’ mental health:

1. Understanding Emotional wellbeing of fathers (Institute of Health Visiting): Click here

2. Postnatal Depression (PND) in Fathers (National Childbirth Trust, UK): Click here

3. Meeting the Mental Health needs of the new fathers (Nursing Times): Click here

Couple Relationship/ Education on Parenthood:

1. Talk by Elly Taylor: Click here to access.

2. Looking after your relationship as new parents (Institute of Health Visiting): Click here.

Listening to the mothers/ Parents:

1. Parents’ views on maternity journey and early parenthood (DH, UK): Click here.

2. Maternal Mental Health – Women’s voices (RCOG): Click here

Free E-learning modules for health professionals:

1. Health Education England: Click here

2. Midwives On-line tool (Action of Postpartum Psychosis): Click here

Importance of first 1001 Days of human life:

1001 days Critical Care Manifesto: Click here

Other resources:

1. Podcasts (Link)

2. MMHA website (Link)


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