We have summarised a comprehensive list of IFWIP resources on wellbeing during pregnancy. This would be useful both for the parents and professionals.

1.    Wellbeing during pregnancy.

2.    Psychological changes in pregnancy

3.    Stress during pregnancy.

4.    Fetal Programming

5.    Hyperemesis Gravidarum and impact on emotional health.

6.    Insomnia in pregnancy

7.    Pelvic Girdle Pain during pregnancy

8.    Tocophobia/ Tokophobia

9.    Neural Tube Defect: Emotional impact on parents

10.  Congenital heart defect: Emotional impact on parents

11.  Parent-Infant and Prenatal Attachment

12.  Couple Relationship

13.  Wellbeing of Fathers

14.  Diet/ Nutrition

15.  Exercise during pregnancy

16.  Relaxation

17.  Meditation

18.  Yoga:

–  Yoga: the philosophy and way of life

–  Pregnancy Yoga

–  Postnatal Yoga

19.  Pilates during Pregnancy

20.  Reflexology

21.  Emotional Freedom Techniques

22.  Ayurveda in pregnancy and perinatal period 

23.  Reiki in pregnancy

24.  Psychological Therapies

25.  Family and Systemic Psychotherapy

26.  Birth Trauma

27.  The Blogless Mother


Please find some useful external website links on Perinatal Mental Health/ Maternal Mental Health conditions:

 Perinatal Mental health: External Links