Mission Statement



‘Celebrating the indomitable spirit of humanity in every journey through pregnancy’


IFWIP is dedicated to raising awareness and advocate mental wellbeing in every pregnancy in the world.

It would aim to achieve its goals by the following:

A) Access to evidence-based information:

 – Information available on the website

 – Educational videos

 – Printed Educational Materials (for use during Antenatal period)

B) Antenatal education programme (On-line and In-house):

 – Multidisciplinary with the highlight of the DREAM approach.

 – Tailor-made for all pregnancy circumstances (including different pregnancy complications) focussing on comprehensive care of physical, mental and social well-being.

 – Parenting education

C) Preconceptional information, advice & support:

 – Information available on the website

 – Educational videos

D) Engaging the whole society to remove stigma & myths:

 – Social media campaigning

 – Podcasts

 – Webinars

 – Community events



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