Keys to successful breastfeeding

We are delighted to publish this article written by Dr. Payel Biswas Soo, from India. She is a renowned childbirth educator & CAPPA certified Lactation specialist.



Hello to all the new mums and would be mums….!

A warm welcome to the world of motherhood, where you often start to prioritizing your child and family more than yourself. 😊

I would like to share with you all my experiences and perspective on “What are the keys to successful breastfeeding”.

After giving birth to my daughter almost 8 years back, I was asked to feed my baby.


Even though I am a healthcare professional myself, and know the importance of breastfeeding, I was in tears as to why I was unable to feed my baby, adequately.


I was constantly pondering over questions like – Why was I unable to position my baby, why was I struggling to put my baby on to my breast for feeding, why?

I thought that breastfeeding was supposed to be easy and natural, then why am I facing difficulty, where am I going wrong?

Whole day and night I used to cry and pray … God, please guide me ….



My gynecologist came to my rescue, like an Angel.

She said, “I may not be able to help you directly but take this book, you will get some insights.”

I don’t remember the exact name of the book. It was a few pages book though, and for the first time, I learned those techniques for effective breastfeeding and after that, there was no looking back.

So, here’s the Secret.

The keys to successful Breastfeeding are – Proper LATCHING & Proper POSITIONING.



It is the way the baby takes the breast into the mouth.

What you as a new mum need to check is that the babies mouth should be wide open; taking almost the entire areole (NOT just THE NIPPLE), into the mouth.

The lower lip should be curled out. Baby should be sucking and swallowing with a pause in a relaxed manner.



The way you as a mum position yourself and your baby while giving her breastfeed.

Now the Big question is how to position your baby correctly?

Although it is not possible to describe all the relevant positions, in just one blog, let me explain to you the most commonly adopted technique, which works most of the times.

Make yourself well supported in a sitting position –  i.e., your back, leg, and elbows are well supported by pillows/cushions.


Make sure your baby is also well supported. You may put some cushions/pillows on your lap and then keep the baby on them.


Then with one hand you hold/support your baby’s head and neck and with the other hand, you squeeze your breast as if you are giving a burger/sandwich to the baby, in order to fit entire nipple and areola into the baby’s mouth.

Make sure you are relaxed during this process and don’t exert too much pressure on your breast or don’t push the baby too hard onto your breast.

Also, it is very essential to keep the baby in direct skin contact with yourself, while breastfeeding for a better outcome.

More about the amazing benefits of direct skin contact in my next blog.

Voila! you can experience now, as to how peacefully your baby is suckling on to your breast and you are amazed by the miracle of Mother Nature you have just witnessed.


Dr. Payel Biswas Soo

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