About us

International Forum for Wellbeing In Pregnancy (IFWIP) is a registered charity in England and Wales (UK) and registered with Charity Commission (UK) with the registration number: 1185194.

Our Charitable objectives are:

To advance the preservation and protection of good health and wellbeing of women during pregnancy by providing evidence-based information and raising awareness; developing and implementing a global pregnancy wellbeing programme and promote research, including without limitation in relation to health and wellbeing during pregnancy and by publishing the useful results of such research.”

The following are our scope of operations and provided to the beneficiaries:

1. Free and open access online information through our website:

We provide a comprehensive and most recent evidence-based information on different aspects of health and wellbeing during pregnancy.

This is primarily aimed at pregnant women.

As this is Internet-based information, it is often accessed by people from all across the world for knowledge and awareness.


Pregnant women can learn about the importance of addressing mental wellbeing during pregnancy and what they can do to ensure they stay healthy and well during pregnancy through simple lifestyle modification and stress management strategies.

 2. Public Awareness event/ Conference:

We believe that a pregnant woman cannot achieve her health and wellbeing objectives during pregnancy unless she gets the support of her family and society.

This is why we focus on raising awareness among every member of the society regardless of their role.

We have achieved significant social impact through this event (for example, reaching over 6 million Twitter impressions on the day during the event in 2018).

We organise a public event at the House of Commons (UK) every year which is sponsored by the supporting MPs.

Link for further information can be found here.


This raises awareness in people from all walks of life in society. This helps to reduce stigma and myths on different health conditions during pregnancy (especially mental health illnesses)

3. Publishing articles on the website providing a free online platform to share personal journeys and expert opinions:

We encourage both experts and people with lived experiences to share the story in a safe and positive environment.

They can write articles on our website.

We encourage people from all across the world to write and share.


The benefits are as follows:

1. Empowering people in the society to talk openly about the challenges of pregnancy.

2. Sharing the global perspective of any problem/s.

3. Reducing stigma and myths.

4. Acknowledging the best practice and learn from others.

4. Pregnancy Wellbeing Events/ Exhibition:

At present, we conduct Pregnancy Wellbeing events only in England and Wales.

The beneficiaries are pregnant women.

They are provided with the following:

1. Wellbeing Talks by experts.

2. Wellbeing Workshops


Pregnant women learn about lifestyle modification and stress management techniques