Wellbeing is vital for ensuring good physical and mental health during pregnancy. Simple lifestyle changes and stress management strategies are cornerstones for having better resilience and wellbeing. Positive attitude and coping skills are important for a good experience during pregnancy, birth and beyond.  However, achieving a positive state of mental health and wellbeing could be challenging due to the stress arising out of:

  • Transition to parenthood
  • Financial difficulties
  • Work-related stress
  • Poor antenatal care
  • Pregnancy symptoms
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Body-image problems
  • Tocophobia & other MH conditions

The articles below help to understand the concept of wellbeing, its importance during pregnancy and factors that can affect wellbeing.

Wellbeing is key to stay happy and healthy during pregnancy and reduce complications

Similar to physical changes in the body, changes take place in the human mind too.

Many women report memory loss during pregnancy. What is the scientific basis?

The key to overcoming stress is to understand the causes

Stress during pregnancy can lead to health problems for the child in forthcoming years.

Changes during pregnancy can sometimes cause negative body image.

What can cause work-related stress during your pregnancy & ways to overcome them.

Financial worries is a common and important cause of stress during pregnancy and beyond.

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy can affect mental health.

Pelvic Girdle pIan can have a significant impact on your quality of life.

Pregnancy can change the quantity and quality of sleep affecting wellbeing.

The pregnancy and parenting journey could be full of challenges.

Changes can occur in couple relationship in pregnancy and postpartum.

Fear of pregnancy and childbirth is not uncommon. It could be very distressing in its severe form (also called tocophobia).

The parent-infant relationship starts in pregnancy & vital for the future.

Events during pregnancy and postpartum can affect the fathers too.


Stopping cigarette smoking can prevent stillbirth and a lot of pregnancy complications.