Inspirational work: meet Emma Jane Sasaru from United Kingdom

Dr Raja Gangopadhyay, Founder, International Forum for Wellbeing In Pregnancy (IFWIP) requested Emma Jane Sasaru to share her inspirational work in supporting mothers and families.

Emma is from United Kingdom (UK) and working tirelessly in ‘raising awareness of perinatal PTSD, anxiety, panic disorder and birth trauma by talking at conferences, campaigning, blogging and helping with the setting up of strategic pathways in local Trusts and helping develop education for healthcare professionals’. 

Emma summarised her work as follows:

“I currently work in the National Health Service (NHS) in the Health in Pregnancy Service (HiPS) team at the Walsall NHS Healthcare NHS Trust (UK). I support women with low-level anxiety, low mood or who have suffered previous birth trauma/ baby loss.

I am a patient voice on my local Perinatal Mental Health (PNMH) Task group and LMS engagement group to help the voices of families be heard to help improve maternity services and reduce birth trauma and the impact it has on PNMH.

I’ve helped train multi-agencies locally on birth trauma and PNMH and been included in developing local PNMH services and pathways. This was recognised locally with being awarded a Thrive Mental Health Star Award (2018) by the combined authority.

I campaign nationally (UK) to raise awareness of birth trauma and PTSD.

I use my own experiences of birth trauma and recovery from PTSD to give others hope but also what we can all do together as services and individuals offer support. I’m the founder of Unfold Your Wings and Beyond Birth Trauma.

I’m also part of #MatExp – a grassroots community, working hard to improve maternity services in the NHS (UK).”

On behalf of the IFWIP team, we wish Emma all the very best for the future.