Raising Awareness through Podcast: Inspirational story of Dr Kat from USA

We are delighted to feature the inspirational work by Dr Katayune Kaeni from California, USA, who is doing a unique and fascinating work in raising awareness and educating the global community on perinatal mental health.

 Dr Katayune Kaeni, Psy.D., also known as Dr Kat, is a renowned psychologist based in California (USA) who specializes in perinatal mental health.

Dr Katayune Kaeni (Dr Kat)

She began her specialization several years into her career as a psychologist after she experienced postpartum depression, anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with the birth of her first child.

 Unfortunately, as is true for many people, Dr Kat didn’t know that she was experiencing a postpartum mood disorder. There was hardly any information given by her care providers, nor had she been trained in recognizing perinatal mental health conditions in graduate school, internships or residency. It took a year for her to fully realize what was going on and continue on the path to healing.

 After that experience, it became her mission to support perinatal women and families. In part because if she as a mental health professional didn’t know what was going on, then how were other moms figuring this out?

One of the projects that came from this drive is the Mom & Mind Podcast


Dr Kat believes that all women and families deserve to have access to the information that they need about their perinatal mental health. The Mom & Mind Podcast focuses on giving that information, support and resources to it’s listeners.

Dr Kat interviews experts, advocates, mothers and fathers who have lived experience with difficulties in fertility, pregnancy, birth, loss and postpartum. She aims to raise the volume on these issues so that mothers and families know that they are not alone.

 The weekly podcast episodes offer support and healing words to mothers and families all over the world, with more and more listeners subscribing daily. 

The Mom & Mind Podcast will continue to cover all aspects of perinatal mental health in order to extend the reach to all families. The podcast can be found at www.momandmind.com, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and GooglePlay Music.

Mom & Mind is a very noble initiative in the field of Perinatal wellness and it would be highly valuable if you could support this work by Sponsoring the Podcast/s

 IFWIP team would like to thank Dr Kat for her tireless work and wish her all the very best for the future.