International Forum for Wellbeing In Pregnancy (IFWIP): Who, Why, What & How?

International Forum for Wellbeing In Pregnancy (IFWIP) is a global initiative to create a society where every single mother (and her family) gets the most recent evidence-based scientific information, care and support with regards to health and wellbeing during pregnancy.


This video explains a brief overview of IFWIP. For further enquiries, please email:


This forum aims to achieve this by bringing together everyone from all across the world who has a passion for promoting the health and the wellbeing in pregnancy. This would help in sharing scientific knowledge, expertise, ideas, and resources from everyone who believes in a holistic approach to care during the pregnancy is important to ensure a better outcome, good recovery and a positive experience of pregnancy and parenthood.


This initiative is to reach out to every single pregnant mother, partner, and the family to inform them about the importance of the health and wellbeing during the pregnancy and beyond. This would encourage them to adopt practices which could help in coping with stress better, reduce the incidence of severe mental health illnesses and ensure early recovery. This would also provide resources for more information and support.