‘Have you seen that girl?’

We are delighted to feature the inspirational work of Mrs. Lindsay Robinson from Northern Ireland (UK).

Lindsay lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland with her husband, Mr. Gavin Robinson, and son Reuben. She is the founder of ‘Have you seen that girl?’

With her tireless work and campaign, Lindsay has given hope to many mothers (and families) affected by perinatal mental health conditions and encouraged them to seek help early.

Lindsay also supports our work as a member of the Board of Advisers of IFWIP.



Please find the brief summary of her work:


‘Have you seen that girl?’ is a Website, Blog, and a Movement dedicated to raising awareness of Perinatal Mental Health, due to Lindsay’s personal experience of mental illness.

Lindsay struggled during pregnancy and for two years after her little boy was born, before finally being diagnosed and getting support for Postnatal Depression and Anxiety. The illness was so severe and life so dark that on a number of occasions it almost took her life.


Please find her #TedTalk here to learn more.



Passionate about encouraging mothers and fathers to share their own stories of parenthood, the website contains hundreds of blog post and stories to help remind parents they are not alone.

It also provides signposting to lots of local/national (UK) sources of help and support.

A blogger, writer and event speaker, Lindsay is also a campaigner and advocate for perinatal mental health.

Lindsay has been invited to speak at many events, including House of Commons (UK Parliament).



Thanks to ‘Have you seen that girl?’ she has worked alongside the Regulation and Quality Improvement Authority (RQIA), the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, the Everyone’s Business campaign and currently the Public Health Agency (PHA) to push for investment and improvements in Perinatal Mental Health for all parents in Northern Ireland.

‘Have you seen that girl?’ is also the creator of Bags of Hope – a reminder to parents that they are not alone and there is a community, friendship, help, and support.



As a movement, Have you seen that girl? is thankful to the many other parents who have joined the cause – sharing stories, speaking publicly, fundraising, partnering to delivering Bags of Hope and organising events to raise awareness of parental mental health. The movement and momentum continue to grow!


On behalf of IFWIP, we would like to wish Lindsay and her family all the very best for the future.


You could get in touch with Lindsay with the following:


Email – haveyouseenthatgirl@outlook.com

Twitter @Robinson_Linds

FacebookLindsay Robinson – Have you seen that girl?