Let’s talk..

Mr. Gareth Presch, Founder and CEO of World Health Innovation Summit (WHIS) has kindly invited Dr. Raja Gangopadhyay to join him Live on Facebook on Sunday 22nd April at 8 pm (UK time).

Under the leadership of Mr. Presch and his team, WHIS is doing outstanding work providing a global platform to support our health services while creating community value.

On behalf of the IFWIP team, we would like to thank Mr. Presch for the opportunity.

We would like to invite all of you to join too…


Please let us know in the comment box below what are the topics you would like Dr. Gangopadhyay to discuss.


Dr. Gangopadhyay is planning to discuss the following:

1. The incidence of mental health conditions in the perinatal period

2. How this could have an impact on the woman, child, partner, relationship, society

3. Impact of stress/ uncontrolled mental health conditions (during pregnancy) on the fetus: ‘Fetal programming’

4. A holistic approach to care: ‘DREAM’ (www.ifwip.org)

5. Use of medication during pregnancy/ breastfeeding (if time permits!) 

6. Resources for further information.

Please join the discussion!